How To Fix Water Damaged Devices

Dropping your phone into the toilet, pool or tub is a very common accident that happens every single day.  With so many remedies available online it’s easy to become confused as to what to do when this happens. This guide is here to help you understand once and for all what you should and should not do to your device once it has come in contact with water.

Placing your phone in a bag of rice will not help

One of the most widely known remedies is to put the phone in rice to help dry out the phone.  This remedy is ineffective.  The fact of the matter is that it would take the rice weeks to absorb all that water.  You simply do not have that much time to wait and there will be too much corrosion by that time.

Use a blow dryer?

This method is also ineffective.  Often times, the blow dryer will just push the water around in the phone and heat up certain components inside the phone to levels where it can cause irreparable damage. Blow dryers are not legitimate options to dry your phone.

So what should I do if I dropped my phone in water?

Most importantly do NOT try to turn on your phone or device.  If your phone is already on, let it remain in stand-by mode.  If your device has the option to remove the battery, do that.  Electricity and water do not mix and it will short circuit your device.

Bring your device to a repair facility as soon as you can.  Two reasons for this.  First is the residue, which can start to develop within 24 hours.  Second, is the chance that your device may receive a call, text and/or notification which will wake the phone and introduce electricity to the mix.  Time is of the essence here.

How does Go Gadget repair a water damaged phone?

There are a few remedies available in the market at the moment.  Most repair shops simply place your device in a machine that is designed to dry the inside of the device rapidly.  This method does not address the residue that is left behind.  Go Gadget’s method is the most comprehensive repair available.  We take apart all the important components in the phone and use an ultra-sonic cleaning chamber and non-conductive solution to remove all corrosion and residue caused by the water.  The non-conductive solution drys rapidly similar to alcohol.  We then go through each component under 20x magnification to make sure all residue and corrosion is removed.  At this point, everything is completely dry and ready for re-assembly.