iPhone Rapid Battery Drain Explained

This issue has been described by so many iPhone owners in so many different ways.

“iPhone shuts off randomly”

“iPhone shuts off with plenty of battery”

“iPhone battery life drop after updating iOS”

Apple has since offered a couple remedies from re-calibrating the battery to offering a battery replacement program.  The funny thing is, none of these remedies actually address the actual problem.

The problem is not always caused by a defective battery or by updating the iOS.  For those of you who have tried all of the online remedies and still have this issue, here’s what is most likely causing your battery to act so sporadic and die while still having charge.

power IC

Using the iPhone 5 as an example where it is a defective 36 pin Power IC chip.  It is a tiny chip with 36 pins that sits on the main logic board.  To simply explain it, it’s job is to manage and read the charge on the battery.  When defective, it reads and manages the charge incorrectly which leads to unexpected shut downs and incorrect battery readings.  To the right is an image of the IC chip on an iPhone 5 logic board.

This is not an easy repair and Apple is not going perform this repair let alone inform their employees about it.   Third party repair shops are most likely the only options available to have this issue repaired.  It requires micro soldering.

If you are experiencing random shut downs on your iPhone or sporadic battery readings and have already replaced your battery, a defective Power IC chip is most likely the cause of these problems.  For more help if you are having these issues with your device,  you can contact Go Gadget Repairs at (626)342-6165.  We are open M-F 10am-7pm and Sat-Sun 11am-5pm.  We are located at 918 S Baldwin Ave. In the city of Arcadia, CA.