Our Thoughts On Why Apple Says It’s Slowing Down Your Old iPhone

As you may have heard by now, Apple has finally felt enough heat from the public to feel the necessity to come out and admit that they have been intentionally adding code to it’s software updates designed to slow down your iPhone and other Apple devices. The company says the practice targets problems — like unexpected shutdowns — caused by aging batteries or cold conditions.

Really Apple? You market these devices like they are the “Ferraris” of smartphones and you most certainly price them that way.  While they are sexy like Ferraris, this tactic of throttling is the equivalent of putting a 1 gallon gas tank in it.  What’s the point of packing a 6 core processor and 3GB of RAM if the battery won’t support it?  To us this sounds more like a revenue related tactic than it is a feature to protect the consumer.

At the end of the day you can’t ignore the facts and if you just paid $1000+ for an iPhone X let the following sink in.

  1. Consumers are paying $1000+ for some iPhones for about 1 year of “peak” performance.
  2. After that year they will be faced with another expensive decision. Pay Apple some more money (roughly $100) for a new battery OR pay Apple some MORE money (roughly $1000) for a new phone–or a third option which many are opting for is to have an independent shop like Go Gadget replace the battery (roughly $70).

Now let’s be clear. We’re not Apple haters gloating from the Android side of the fence.  In fact half of our staff here at Go Gadget carry Apple devices.  We regularly recommend Apple devices to our customers simply for the fact that they are more “repairable”.  But playing dirty and taking advantage of your loyal fan base is wrong no matter how you look at it.  You’re wrong Apple. You’re wrong. Plain and simple.